Eastfield Vietnam

Eastfield (Vietnam) Technology Co., Ltd. is located at the northeastern industry belt of Hanoi in the Bắc Ninh Province, just minutes away from the city limits of the capital of Vietnam.

As a pioneer in the LED lighting industry, Eastfield is especially responsive to meet the precise needs of our customers.

Eastfield as experienced ODM/ODM supplier can deliver quality which is ultimately led by our technical knowledge in design and manufacturing.

Main business is the manufacture of LED fixtures mostly for the American market.

All main components and parts needed for production of LED lamps and lights are made in our facilities.

PCBs are picked and placed by state-of-the-art equipment in our SMT department, followed by DIP in our electronic workshop.

Die-casting-, CNC- and Laser Cutting Machines are used for manufacture of the production parts.

Multiple automatic and semi-automatic equipment is shared at our assembly lines. Eastfield is industry-leading in over-molding technology as well.

All products are safety and function tested after completion of the mounting and then placed in our aging area for further testing and inspection.

Upon completion of all tests the finished goods are stored in our warehouse pending shipping.

Eastfield’s integrated Test Center is capable to do 100% testing of incoming and finished items.

This includes EMC/FCC testing as well as complete Photometry testing.

A new 3G vibration test machine is used for testing of roadway and area luminaires.

An UL Rain and Sprinkler Test is part of the safety evaluation for outdoor electrical enclosure (waterproof test).

Finally the vibration and drop test are carried out in order to ensure the quality of the goods during transportation.

Eastfield (Vietnam) – your one-stop solution for quality luminaires from Asia.

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